Ein Astronaut is a musician and filmmaker from Hamburg. One of his countless projects is called The Collaborations Club, for which he is inviting musicians from various backgrounds to create original songs together. For the 8th song of this series I went to visit him in his beautiful studio, and within 4 days we wrote and recorded the following song called ‘I AM OK’. Enjoy!



There’s so much more to say
There’s so much more to hide

To find, to find, to find, to find
To fight, to fight, to fight, to fight

Too much is stolen

Let me run and let me come back
Let me lose my track
And let me forget

Someone once told me
That the truth is far away
It’s hidden between left and right
Surrounded by the moon
And the night

Too much is stolen


Let us disappear in what we’ve been
Let us disappear

Ein Astronaut’s music studio is full of wonderful instruments, vintage and modern. For ‘I AM OK’ we used the following: piano, electric and bass guitar, drums, the string section of a Melotron, a Prophet-600 synthesizer, a 70s kids spelling toy called Speak & Spell from Texas Instruments, an Echolette E51 tape echo, and the amazing Therevox.

The studio is also home of two beautiful cats, one of which you can see featured prominently in the video.

The Collaborations Club project will eventually be released as an album. So, keep in touch for more info! And if you are interested in all the previous songs that have been created so far, check out the Collaborations Club YouTube playlist.

You can support Ein Astronaut via Patreon, and make sure to visit his website. Thank you!