Time for something different. A few days ago, I grabbed my guitar and wrote and recorded a Western Ballad about cowgirls, loneliness and revenge, based on the poem ‘Will Shepard” by Tom Bush. Enjoy!


A Cowgirl’s Poem

The day Will Shepard shot my dog
His barn burned to the soil;
The flames licked at the Autumn sky,
The smoke as black as oil.
I dropped the torch onto the earth,
And felt the whole world turn,
I stood and watched Will Shepard’s barn,
I stood and watched it burn.

The day Will Shepard shot my dog
I put him in the ground,
My bullets found his heart and brain,
He fell without a sound;
And as his lifeblood ebbed away
And light fled from his eyes,
I stood and watched Will Shepard leave,
I stood and watched him die.

And now I sit here in my cell
And through the bars I spy
The carpenter with wood and nails,
Who builds my gallows high;

As far as I can see,
For that old dog Shepard shot
Meant all the world to me.

The photo shows me and my older brother. Back then we got our cowboy gear as a present from our uncle from New York. Exciting times, as you can see. If you like the song, feel free to share and leave a comment.